Mecht­hild Mey­er-Bro­er­mann

Tax Con­sul­tant

Mechthild Meyer-Broermann

Mecht­hild Mey­er-Bro­er­mann

born April 6th 1964 in Frie­soy­the

Pho­ne: +49 44 71 / 180 46 — 20


1988 — 1990Trai­ning as Tax Accoun­tant Assi­stant (Steu­er­fach­an­ge­stell­ter)
1992 — 1993Advan­ced trai­ning as a tax spe­cia­list (Steu­er­fach­wirt)
2011 — 2012Advan­ced trai­ning as a cer­ti­fied Tax Con­sul­tant
March 2012Accredi­ta­ti­on as a Tax Con­sul­tant (Steu­er­be­ra­ter) by the Cham­ber of Tax Con­sul­tants Lower-Sax­o­ny (Steu­er­be­ra­ter­kam­mer Nie­der­sach­sen)
2012 — 2015work expe­ri­ence as an employ­ed Tax Con­sul­tant at con­sul­tancy Gerd Nie­haus

Con­so­li­da­ti­on of Tax Con­sul­tancy Nie­haus – Ihre Steu­er­be­ra­ter, tog­e­ther with Gerd Nie­haus and Cars­ten Hil­ge­fort

Sin­ce 2019Mana­ging limi­ted part­ner of NIEHAUSPARTNER, gene­ral mana­ger of the com­ple­men­ta­ry com­pa­ny

Fiel­ds of Exper­ti­se


  • Digi­ta­liz­a­ti­on of finan­cial and wage accoun­ting
  • Tax con­sul­ta­ti­on for medi­um-sized com­pa­nies, free­lan­cers and employees
  • Busi­ness start-up con­sul­tancy
  • Con­sul­tancy regar­ding sub­si­dies and grants
  • Con­sul­tancy regar­ding purcha­se and sale of com­pa­nies
  • Com­pa­ny suc­ces­si­on, trans­fer during one’s life­time, dis­po­si­ti­ons by will
  • Dona­ti­ons, inheri­tance tax
  • App­rai­sal of busi­nes­ses
  • Weak point ana­ly­sis and effi­ci­en­cy con­sul­tancy
  • Invest­ment, Finan­cial and Sol­ven­cy plan­ning



  • Mem­ber of Cham­ber of Tax Con­sul­tants Lower-Sax­o­ny (Steu­er­be­ra­ter­kam­mer Nie­der­sach­sen)
  • Mem­ber of Asso­cia­ti­on of Tax Con­sul­tants of Lower-Sax­o­ny and Sax­o­ny-Anhalt (Steu­er­be­ra­ter­ver­band Nie­der­sach­sen e. V.)
  • Mem­ber of DATEV eG Nur­em­berg (DATEV eG Nürn­berg)